Why Rubber Dumbbells Are The Best Thing For A Home Gym?

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Why Rubber Dumbbells Are The Best Thing For A Home Gym?

Rubber Dumbbells for sale

Are you thinking about adding rubber hex dumbbells to your home gym?

But unsure how they stack up against traditional weights.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of adding rubber dumbbells to your home gym equipment. Find out why rubber dumbbell set is the perfect fit for your home workout routine.

What Are Rubber Hex Dumbbells?

These rubber dumbbells are made of cast iron with chrome coatings and rubber.

The special thing is the hexagonal rubber-coated ends. This design makes them easy to hold. And they won’t roll away. Which is necessary for safety during workouts.

Are Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets Worth It?


Whether you’re a fitness pro or just starting. Rubber hex dumbbell sets are a solid investment.

Trojan Fitness offer good deals. It is worth checking them out for your home gym.

5 Reasons To Buy Rubber Hex Dumbbells for Home Gym

  1. Affordable: Rubber dumbbell set are more affordable than traditional weight sets. Making them budget-friendly and a good value-for-money option.
  2. Space-Saving: Rubber hex dumbbells are easier to store and take up less space in your home. Allowing you to save room for other equipment.
  3. Noise-Free: Rubber hex dumbbells don’t make much noise when dropped on the ground. Providing a silent option for your home workout.
  4. Comfortable Grip: Rubber hex dumbbells are more comfortable to hold than metal. As it doesn’t quickly conduct heat or cold, ensuring a comfortable grip during your exercises.
  5. Gradual Weight Progress: Starting light and gradually increasing weight is easy with rubber hex dumbbells. Making strength development more accessible and cost-effective.

How to Choose the Right Dumbbell for Your Home Gym

Rubber hex dumbbells are popular for good reasons. They are versatile, affordable, and super practical.

A rubber hex dumbbell set is a must-have for a home gym. They come in various sizes and shapes.

Let’s explore the best types based on your needs.

1. Beginner or Limited Space? Go for Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re new to working out or have limited space, adjustable-weight dumbbells might be perfect for you. They allow you to change the weight you lift, and there are two main types to consider.

Adjustable dumbbells are adaptable to your workouts.

Adjustable dumbbells let you change the weight you’re lifting. There are two types: bar and plate adjustable.

Each has its pros and cons, so choose based on your fitness goals and the exercises you plan to do.

2. Fixed Dumbbells: Consistent Weight for Hardcore Lifters

Fixed dumbbells provide a steady weight. They are suitable for intense lifters focusing on one exercise at a time. They’re easy to use in a home gym. It doesn’t require any assembly.

But keep in mind you can’t change the weight.

3. Fixed Urethane Dumbbells: Premium Choice for Your Workout Room

Fixed urethane dumbbells are a top-quality commercial option. They seem similar to rubber ones.

The differences make them worth considering when upgrading your home gym. The material upgrade from cheaper rubbers is notable.

4. Studio Weights: Secure Grip for Studio Workouts

Weights with a textured neoprene or rubber coating are slip-resistant. Perfect for studio lifting. The greater grip makes sure your hands stay secure on the bar during your exercises.

Where to Buy Rubber Hex Dumbbells?

You’ve got choices when it comes to buying these dumbbells. Look for quality with knurled, contoured grips.

Trojan Fitness offer top-notch rubber hex dumbbells at a fair price. We have got various sets and racks to choose from. Including 10kg rubber dumbbells, 12.5 kg rubber hex dumbbells, and 15 kg rubber dumbbells.

1. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (15 Kg)

Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (15 Kg)

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Price: $135

2. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (12.5 Kg)

Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (12.5 Kg)

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Price: $112.50

3. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (10 Kg)

Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (10 Kg)

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Price: $90

4. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Package (2 Kg – 35 Kg Pairs)

rubber hex dumb bells package 1

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Price Now: $1,957.50

5. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Package (10 Kg – 30 Kg Pairs)

rubber hex dumb bells package 2

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Price Now: $900.00

6. Rubber Hex Dumbbells Package (10 ─ 20 ─ 30 Kg Pairs)

rubber hex dumb bells package 3

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Price Now: $540.00

Quick Dumbbell Workout

Exercise Targeted Muscles Instructions
Goblet Squats Legs, Glutes, Core 1. Hold a dumbbell close to your chest.

2. Squat down, keeping your back straight.

3. Push through your heels.

Bent Over Rows Back, Arms 1. Bend at the hips, keeping your back flat.

2. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing you.

3. Pull dumbbells toward hips.

Shoulder Press Shoulders, Triceps 1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height.

2. Press the weights overhead.

3. Lower dumbbells back to shoulder height.

Lunges with Curls Legs, Biceps 1. Step forward into a lunge, curling the dumbbells.

2. Alternate legs and continue curls.

Perform each exercise for 12-15 reps, completing 2-3 rounds. Adjust the weight according to your fitness level.

Final Words

Rubber dumbbells offer an affordable, space-efficient, and comfortable solution for your home gym.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast on a budget or working with limited space. Rubber dumbbells provide a versatile and effective option.

Consider including them in your home gym setup. For a quieter, more comfortable, and budget-friendly workout experience.

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