Make Home Gym for Biceps with Trojan Fitness | 10 Killer Ideas

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Make Your Home Gym for Biceps with Trojan Fitness | 10 Killer Ideas

We are aware of the gym’s opening hours, regular attendance, fuel costs, and restrictions. Right!!! But have you ever considered creating your own gym in your comfortable surroundings? Ummmm…. Home??? Your entire body needs your undivided attention and care so why not to make some ease at home with Trojan fitness. We will help you making a perfect home gym having almost every essential machine that you look for in regular gym. The greatest equipment is what Trojan Fitness promises you for your at-home gym routines.

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Let us now focus on giving you advice particularly for bicep workout and bicep exercises with bodyweight. You might believe that going to the gym is the only effective technique to work out your biceps but it’s untrue! You may enjoy the comfort and quiet of your own home while gaining muscular biceps. To get you started, try these ten best bicep exercises.


What are Biceps?

The muscles in the upper arm known as “biceps” are a pair. The biceps brachii are in charge of flexing the elbow joint and rotating the forearm, respectively. People who want to bulk up and get stronger frequently concentrate on their biceps, which are found on the front of the upper arm. Regular exercise, such as lifting weights or resistance training, can aid in the development of the biceps muscles.

Benefits of workout for biceps:

Bicep exercises can help you in a number of ways throughout your workouts. Bodyweight bicep exercises or bicep exercises without weights, both carry certain significance according to body types. The following are some major benefits of using bicep workouts in your fitness routine:

  • Increased muscle strength:

Exercises for the biceps aim and isolate the muscles in the upper arm, increasing their power and strength. You can accomplish everyday tasks and other workouts more successfully by strengthening your biceps.

  • Enhanced aesthetics:

Biceps that are fully grown can give the upper arm a more sculpted and defined appearance. Bicep workouts might help you get the appearance you want if aesthetics are a priority for you.

  • Improved functional movement:

It is easier to lift, carry, and pull things when you have strong biceps, which increases your overall functional strength. This can lessen the chance of damage and make regular duties simpler.

  • Balanced upper body development:

Your upper body’s muscular growth may be balanced by working on your biceps. Neglecting the biceps might result in unattractive imbalances or muscular imbalances that may raise the risk of injury if you concentrate exclusively on other muscle groups. no equipment bicep workouts are good way to cater overall body oftenly.

  • Increased metabolism and calorie burn:

Exercises that target bigger muscular areas, like the biceps, can help you burn more calories overall and raise your metabolic rate. If managing your weight is one of your goals, this may be helpful.

10 Best Biceps Workout At Home:

Doesn’t matter what exercise you are doing, always remember exercise is an important part of life for fitness and health benefits in many means. Below are the bicep exercises no equipment or with equipments which you can easily do at home. Create your own gym and enjoy home bicep workout.


The diamond push-up is a challenging variation of the traditional push-up exercise that primarily targets the triceps, chest, and shoulders. Here are the steps to perform diamond push-ups correctly:


  • Start in a high plank position.
  • Your hands come directly under your shoulders and your body in a straight line from head to toe.
  • Your feet should be hip-width apart.
  • Place your hands close together, forming a diamond shape with your thumbs and index fingers.
  • Engage your core, squeeze your glutes, and maintain a strong, straight body position throughout the exercise.
  • Lower your body towards the ground by bending your elbows
  • Keeping them close to your sides.
  • Pause for a moment at the bottom position then push your body back up to the starting position.
  • Repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions according to your capacity.


Reverse hand push-ups, also known as handstand push-ups or vertical push-ups, are a challenging bodyweight bicep exercises that targets your shoulders, triceps, and upper chest.


  • Begin in the typical push-up position.
  • Turn your arms slowly outward until the tips of your fingers are facing your toes.
  • To find a comfortable position, move your hands a few inches towards your feet, but keep your arms straight.
  • Activate your core strength.
  • Push yourself up after two seconds of holding the position.


One arm push-ups force your biceps to compensate for missing support.


  • Begin in the typical push-up position.
  • Put one of your arms behind your back.
  • Activate your core.
  • Slowly descend until your chest is nearly parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Push yourself up after two seconds of holding the position.
  • As soon as one set for one arm is finished, switch arms.


Plank is another bombastic core strengthening exercise with variations that effects your biceps as well.


  • Get the exactly same position you take for pushups.
  • Turn to one side while raising one arm in the air.
  • It is one of the most difficult yet effective exercise so try to hold this posture for 30 seconds.
  • Return to the standard plank position do for the opposite side.



The plank up-down exercise works for your biceps while also giving you a good aerobic workout. The up-and-down plank workout strengthens and tones your core, glutes, arms, wrists, and shoulders. This exercise encourages weight loss, strengthens the core, and enhances posture.

  • Place your weight on your forearms in a reduced plank posture at the beginning.
  • Extend one arm straight out until the palm is parallel to the floor.
  • Straighten the other arm. Your hands should be flat on the floor in the typical push-up posture at this stage.
  • One arm should be lowered until the forearm is parallel to the floor.
  • Lower the opposite arm until both forearms are parallel to the floor. Once more, you should be in the lowered plank posture.
  • Repeat steps 2 through 5 to alternate between the lowered plank posture and the regular push-up position.


You can use pull-ups to develop strong forearms, back muscles, and biceps if you have a pull-up bar, resistance bands, or even a towel to hang around a door.


  • Hold onto the pull-up bar.
  • Hold it with your palms facing forwards and your shoulders apart.
  • Hold on to the bar while keeping your abs taut.
  • Jointly contract the muscles in your upper back.
  • To raise yourself, bend your elbows slightly.
  • Begin raising until it reaches the chin.
  • After two to five seconds, hold the position while lowering your body gradually until your arms are straight.
  • Follow the steps six to eight times.


Chin-ups are a pull-up version that focus more on your biceps than your forearms.


  • Grab the pull-up bar.
  • Hold it slightly closer than shoulder width apart with your hands.
  • Hold it by maintaining a tight core.
  • Pull your elbows down.
  • Strain your biceps to stand up.
  • Till your chin clears the bar, keep pulling.
  • Hold the posture for two seconds, then slowly lower yourself until your arms are straight.
  • Follow the steps six to eight times.


The most well-known exercise for strengthening biceps is the curl. Dumbbells are an option, or you may use household items like a block, a small toolbox, or even a gallon of water.


  • Maintain a straight posture.
  • Your palms facing forwards and your arms hanging straight down.
  • Hold dumbbells in each hand.
  • Keep your core in mind.
  • Raise your arms.
  • Your right hand should be on your right shoulder, and your left hand should be on your left.
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Again, bring your arms down.
  • For each set, repeat the steps at least 7-8 times.


The breakdancer kick is a core exercise that tones and strengthens your obliques, abdominals, and lower back. This exercise also has the added advantages of raising your heart rate, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, and strengthening your shoulders, arms, and legs.


  • Take a comfortable seat with your legs extended and your arms by your sides.
  • Put your palms down.
  • Lift your body off the floor as high as you can by pressing down with your palms.
  • Rotate your legs to the side.
  • Lift your palm on that side to allow them to pass.
  • Swing your legs around the opposing side,
  • Allowing legs to pass by lifting your palm there.
  • As quickly as you can, repeat steps 2 through 5.
  • While your arms support your body up, your legs should move in a circular motion.


The handstand is another outclass exercise that helps you build your biceps and strengthen the core.


  • Stand few feet away from wall.
  • With your arms shoulder-width apart on the ground, squat down.
  • Put your feet up against the wall.
  • Use your hands to push against the floor and your legs to walk up the wall while maintaining a straight back and arms.
  • Extend your arms straight above your head, pushing the floor with your hands, and touching the wall with your toes.
  • Set a time limit on how long you can maintain this posture.


You can maintain your fitness and strengthen your biceps by performing these ten effective exercises. However, if you want to advance your bodyweight exercises for biceps at-home workouts, visit Trojan Fitness’ website to learn more about the best gym equipment that enables you to carry out a range of body-weight exercises that target different parts of your body.

Don’t forget to include a range of bicep workouts in your regimen to target the muscles from various angles and successfully promote growth. In order to prevent damage, it’s also crucial to keep perfect technique and gradually increase the weight or intensity as you advance. how to make your biceps bigger without equipment is a very demanding question and in this article find out different exercises to get the biceps in shape.

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