Right Kettlebell Weight For Men & Women

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Right Kettlebell Weight For Men & Women

Right Kettlebell Weight

Want to get in shape and feel healthier?

Kettlebell training might be the answer. It helps tone your body, burn fat, and strengthen your core.

Picking the right kettlebell weight can be tricky with so many options. In this article, we’ll share easy recommendations for men and women. We will also explain why kettlebells workout is a great addition to your routine.

Ready to Begin Kettlebell Training?

Excited to start kettlebell training? But you are not sure what weight for kettlebell would be suitable for your level of fitness.

Feeling a bit lost?

No worries!

This guide by Trojan Fitness is here to help you pick the right kettlebell weight. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, a fitness pro, or a total kettlebell training beginner.

How To Choose the Right Kettlebell Weight: A Simple Guide

A common questions are,

  • “What is the best kettlebell weight to start with?”
  • “What kettlebell weight is right for me?”

Kettlebells are not one-size-fits-all.

Recommended Kettlebell Weights For Men

Guys, listen up! When it comes to kettlebell weight. Men often think they can lift more weight bell than they actually should.

If you’re used to typical gym workouts. A 35-pound kettlebell might seem too light.

Here’s the deal: kettle bell exercises use lots of muscles, and your core and grip strength matter.

So, for experienced folks, start with a 35-pound (16-kilo) kettlebell. If you’re new to this, go for a 26-pound (12-kilo) one.

Start with a sensible weight.

  1. If you’re a beginner to intermediate. Try 12 kg, 16 kg, or 24 kg kettlebells.
  2. If you’re a beginner with some weight training experience. 20 kg might work.
  3. Advanced folks can go for 24 to kettlebell 32 kg.

Don’t worry if the weight feels light. Start light, focus on your technique. And gradually go heavier as you get stronger.

Fitness Level Best Kettlebell Weight For Men
Beginner to Intermediate 12 kg, 16 kg, or 24 kg
Beginner with Weight Training Experience 20 kg
Advanced 24 kg to 32 kg

Recommended Kettlebell Weights For Women

Now, ladies! You might underestimate your strength.

Even a light kettlebell can feel heavy.

But don’t be fooled.

Your whole body is working during exercises like squats and swings. An 18-pound (8kg) kettlebell for starters and a 13-pound (6kg) one if you’re brand new to lifting.

  1. Newcomers usually start with 6 to 12 kg kettlebells.
  2. If you’re athletic, begin with 12 or 16 kg.
  3. Experienced users can go up to 20 or 32 kg.

At this level, it’s crucial to focus on form and handle heavier kettle bell weights carefully. Take time to learn the kettle bell exercises well and use spotters if needed.

Fitness Level Best Kettlebell Weight For Women
Newcomers 6 kg to 12 kg
Athletic Beginners 12 kg or 16 kg
Experienced Users 20 kg to 32 kg

When to Move Up in Weight | 5 Tips

  • Tip 1. Kettlebell weights go up in 10-pound (4-kilo) steps.
  • Tip 2. Stick with one weight until you’ve got the hang of it.
  • Tip 3. If you started with three sets of five reps. Aim for five sets of six to eight reps before moving up.
  • Tip 4. Slow down your lifts for a more challenging kettlebells workout.
  • Tip 5. If lower body kettle bell exercises feel too easy or if you can do a slow overhead press for five reps without a struggle. It’s time to level up.

What is “Pood”

No, it’s not a slang term or baby talk. Kettlebells were originated in Russia. They use “pood” as a unit of weight. A pood is about 36 pounds or 16 kilograms.

1 Pood 16.38 kg

Just a fun fact to connect with kettlebell.

Choose the Right Kettlebell: 4 Must Features to Look For

In addition to finding the right weight. Make sure your kettlebell has these four features:

  1. A Comfortable Handle For Good Grip: Find a handle that fits your hand comfortably. A thicker diameter handle will challenge your gripping muscles. But it’s not the best choice when you’re new to kettlebells. And trying to develop your technique.
  2. Proper Kettlebell Placement: Muscle Over Bone: The “window” of a kettlebell. The space between the handle and the ball of iron should be wide enough to rest on your forearm muscle. Not the bone on your wrist. This reduces the risk of bruising during kettle bell exercises.
  3. Powder Coating To Maintain Grip in Sweaty Sessions: A good kettlebell should have a slightly rough texture. Indicating powder coating. This provides the necessary friction to maintain your grip. Even when your hands get sweaty.
  4. Colour Coding For Easy Weight Recognition: Many kettlebells look alike. But colour coding can make your life easier. Especially during circuit training.

Kettlebells follow a simple code:

  1. 6 kg = baby blue
  2. 8 kg = pink
  3. 12 kg = dark blue
  4. 16 kg = yellow

Get Fit: Buy High-Quality, Best Kettlebells

We hope these tips help you choose the best kettlebell weight for your fitness goals.

If you’re new and just want to do simple kettle bell exercises. Almost any kettlebell will do. But for advanced moves. Go for a good-quality kettlebell. Trojan Fitness kettlebells are an excellent choice.

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Why Kettlebells Are Awesome: 5 Reasons

1. Multi-Purpose

Kettlebells can be used for lots of exercises. Like Turkish get-ups, rows, swings, and goblet squats. They work different muscles at the same time. A cool way to add weight without using a heavy bar. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Kettlebells are great for adding resistance.

2. Perfect For Small Spaces

Kettlebell exercises boost your heart health while making you stronger. They’re a quick way to improve your overall fitness. Plus, they’re small and easy to use. Perfect for small spaces. Adjustable kettlebells are handy for tiny home gyms.

3. Cheaper Workout Equipment

Kettlebells are often cheaper than other workout equipment, making them available to more people.

4. Low-Impact

Kettlebell workouts are gentle on your body. Making them perfect for recovering from injuries or if you want to go easy on your joints.

5. Fun

Kettlebell exercises are more enjoyable than regular strength training. They include swinging and fluid movements. Keeping things interesting. This is great for those who get bored easily. And need to keep kettle weight workouts fun for motivation.

Ready to Rock Your Kettlebell Workouts?

Choosing the right dumbbells or kettlebells for weight loss is your first step to success.

Whether you’re a guy or a girl. Remember to start light. Progress gradually. And pay attention to key features when you buy kettle weights.

Armed with this info, you’re all set to crush your fitness goals with kettlebell!

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