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  • mbdg bunch  scaled Medicine Ball Grip Handles
    Quickshop Easy hold handle design for one or two hand grip. Adds great...
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  • triflex 1 triflex ex1
    Quickshop VARIABLE TRIGGER POINT THERAPY With our compact PTP Triflex set, easily access...
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    Trigger Point Myosfacial Therapy
    $34.99 Sale price Regular price $29.99
  • ptp individual powerhandles 1 powerhandles step1 1
    Quickshop BUILD YOUR OWN SYSTEM Looking to create your very own resistance training...
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  • IMG 4020 img 1827 2
    Quickshop Climbing ropes have long been the standard in the fitness industry. The...
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  • trojanfit floor4 2
    Quickshop Please note : Floor orders when not combined with our packages, a...
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    Red Fleck Gym Floor Rubber 15 MM X 1M2
    $45.00 Sale price Regular price $35.00
  • 1   microband geen pack w band 1024x1024 exercise 2 2 1024x1024
    Quickshop The PTP Microband provides increased resistance upon stretching and lets you stay...
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    MicroBand Medium (Green)
    Regular price $15.99
  • microbandx heavy pack w band microbandx heavy pack only
    Quickshop ATHLETIC TRAINING, BODY SCULPTING & ULTIMATE POWER Build incredible strength and prevent...
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    MicroBandX Heavy (Charcoal)
    $24.99 Sale price Regular price $21.99
  • microbandx light pack w band
    Quickshop Designed with durability and convenience in mind, the PTP MicroBandX allows you...
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    MicroBandX Light (Lime)
    $22.99 Sale price Regular price $19.99
  • myosphere product 1 exercise 2 2 9
    Quickshop DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE OF LARGE MUSCLE GROUPS The 12 cm diameter of...
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    Massage Ball MyoSphere by PTP Fitness
    $29.99 Sale price Regular price $24.99
  • 4ASL740 Step 2015 800x800 4ASL740 PCKG 2015 800x800
    Quickshop 1 piece construction with shock absorbing, non-slip surface. 2 non-slip floorblocks. Provides...
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    Aerobic Step 12/17/22 Cm Adjustable
    $89.99 Sale price Regular price $79.99
  • Aero Step TRSTEP H
    Quickshop Step up to a total body workout at home with our Trojan...
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    Step Aerobic Fitness
    $169.99 Sale price Regular price $149.99
  • 4CF215 3815 BattleRope 2020 800x800 Battle Rope 15 Mtr x 38 mm
    Quickshop Battle Rope 15 Mtr x 38 mm , the latest & most...
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    Battle Rope 15 Mtr x 38 mm
    $169.99 Sale price Regular price $139.99