Your Ultimate Guide to Use Bumper Plates in Barbell Training

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Your Ultimate Guide to Use Bumper Plates in Barbell Training

Bumper Plates in Barbell Training

Bumper plates have become increasingly popular add-ons for strength training in recent years. Unlike traditional iron weight plates, bumper plates have many advantages that make them ideal for certain types of training. Especially high-intensity lifting like Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit.

As more people look to outfit their home gyms with versatile, durable equipment. Bumper plates are rising to the top of many shopping lists.

But what exactly are bumper plates, and why should you invest in them over standard iron plates for your home gym?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at,

  • What are bumper plates?
  • Benefits of bumper plates.
  • How many do you really need?
  • What are bumper plates used for?
  • Factors to consider when buying bumper plates.

By the end, you’ll understand why more and more home gym owners are using bumper plates in barbell training.

What Are Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates differ from standard iron weight plates in that they are made of rubber or urethane rather than solid metal.

Bumper plates are made from urethane. A synthetic polymer that is widely used in various industries. It is incredibly tough and resistant to scratches.

The rubber or urethane construction makes bumper plates lighter than iron plates of the same size. However, bumper plates are larger in diameter to make up for the difference in density.

The key benefit of the rubber/urethane material is that it allows bumper plates to be safely dropped during Olympic lifts or other explosive exercises.

The main component of bumper plates is solid vulcanized rubber. Which undergoes a rigorous production process. This gives them enough “bounce” to withstand being dropped repeatedly without damaging floors or equipment.

So the essential differences are the material composition, lighter weight but larger size, and ability to be safely dropped during intense training.

8 Reasons to Use Bumper Plates: Key Benefits

Bumper plates offer several key benefits over traditional iron plates. This makes them an essential investment for a home gym focused on Olympic lifts, CrossFit, and high-intensity training:

1. Protect floors, weights, and equipment from damage

Bumper plates are designed to be repeatedly dropped from overhead without damaging the plates or your floors and equipment. The durable rubber and plastic construction absorbs force on impact, unlike iron plates which can chip, crack, or dent.

2. More joint-friendly for high-impact lifting

The lighter weight and bounce of bumper plates compared to iron plates also make them more joint-friendly for high-impact lifting. Dropping with bumper plates reduces stress on your joints and tendons.

3. Make dropping weights safer

In addition, bumper plates enable dynamic Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean-and-jerk which require quickly dropping weights from overhead. The bumpers absorb force so these lifts can be performed safely.

4. Bounce less than iron

Bumper plates also bounce less than iron plates when dropped, reducing noise and disruption.

5. Ideal for Olympic lifts requiring quick lifts and drops

Made from high-quality compressed rubber or urethane. Bumper plates are extremely durable and long-lasting investments.

6. Come in color-coded weight increments

Finally, bumper plates feature color-coded weights. Making it easy to identify different increments when setting up complex barbell configurations.

7. Provide stability when lifting heavy

The even distribution of weight across the plate helps maintain balance and reduces the risk of injury during intense lifting sessions.

8. Durable and long-lasting

Bumper plates are durable and long-lasting. A reliable investment for your fitness equipment. Constructed from high-quality materials, these plates can withstand repeated drops and impacts without compromising their structural integrity.

What Training Uses Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are primarily used for a few key types of training:

Olympic Weightlifting

In Olympic weightlifting like the snatch and clean and jerk. You lift really heavy weights and drop them from up high. Bumper plates are important to keep the plates, barbells, and floor safe from damage during these tough lifts.

The thick rubber coating on the plates helps them soak up the impact without breaking.


In CrossFit workouts, you often do fast moves and lift heavy stuff. Sometimes, you gotta drop the weights. Bumper plates have thick rubber to save the gear from breaking when you drop it quickly or do it a lot.


In High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), you give it your all in quick bursts and then take short breaks. Bumper plates make it safe to do powerful lifts and slams during HIIT workouts.

Strength Training

Bumper plates can be used in many strength exercises requiring heavy weights. The impact absorption helps when doing repetitive swings or snatches.

In short, any training requiring quick lifts, repetitive drops, or high impact with heavy weights will benefit from bumper plates over old-fashioned iron.

5 Key Factors to Consider When Buying Bumper Plates

When selecting bumper plates for your home gym, there are several factors to consider:

1. Material

Most quality bumper plates are made from virgin or recycled rubber. Urethane bumper plates are also popular for their durability and quiet performance.

Avoid cheap fillers like concrete in the rubber. Virgin rubber and urethane are ideal for maximizing performance and safety.

2. Size Add-ons

Standard bumper plates range from 2.5kg to 20kg per plate, with common sizes being 2.5kg, 5kg, 20kgs.

Choose a bumper plate set with small increments to allow for gradual weight increases.

3. Quality/Brand Reputation

Only buy from reputable brands known for quality construction and materials that will last. Read reviews and avoid cheap knock-offs.

4. Price

Quality virgin rubber bumper plates start around $6/kg. Urethane can be more. Set your budget but don’t sacrifice safety and durability only to save a little money.

5. Colour Coding

Go for colour bumper plates coded by weight. So, you can easily identify them during workouts.

Colour Bumper Plates kg lbs
Red 25 55
Blue 20 45
Yellow 15 35
Green 10 25
White 5 10 (rare)

Colour Bumper Plates

How Many Bumper Plates Do I Need?

When starting, it’s recommended to get a basic starter set of bumper plates with the most essential weights you’ll need for your main lifts.

For most home gyms, a good starter bumper plate set would include:

  • 2 pairs of 5 kg bumper plates
  • 2 pairs of 5kg bumper plates
  • 2 pairs of 20kg bumper plates

With four 5kg, four 10kg, and four 20kg plates, you can load a men’s Olympic barbell (45 lbs or 20.41 kg) up to 133.8 kg.

Having multiple pairs of the same weights gives you more flexibility to load the bar evenly or do multiple sets efficiently.

Over time, you can fill out your bumper plate collection with additional weights like 15kg, 25kg, and even 45kg plates. But the starter set above allows you to perform the core Olympic lifts like squats, presses, and deadlifts with sufficient weight for most home gyms.

Bumper Plates Set

Rather than buying an entire bumper plate set at once. Start with the essentials you need for your planned lifts and expand later.

With planned buying, you can get the bumper plates you require without overspending initially.

How to Store & Use Bumper Plates Correctly

After getting good bumper plates, use them right to make them last longer. Here are easy tips to safely use bumper plates in your home gym.

Tip 1. Bumper Plate Storage

Correct storage is important. Bumper plates need more space than traditional iron plates. Find an out-of-the-way, dry area to store them. Use plate holders or a rack for proper bumper plate storage.

If you store them wrong. They will get warped or damaged over time. Trojan Fitness suggests laying bumper plates flat instead of standing on their sides to keep them in good shape.

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Tip 2. Use Bumper Plates Correctly

When combining bumper and iron plates on a barbell.

  1. The basic rule is to load the bumpers first closest to the collars.
  2. Then add any smaller iron plates in the middle.

This protects both your barbell and floor from damage if weights are dropped.

However, some experienced lifters intentionally mix various types of plates to achieve the exact weight they need. They do this to create the perfect load for their workout.

bumper plate set

It’s best to use a special Olympic barbell made for bumper plates when doing Olympic lifts. Regular barbells might bend if you drop bumpers a lot. So, pick the right bar for the job.

Are Bumper Plates Good For A Home Gym?

As we’ve discussed, bumper plates offer several benefits that make them a great investment for your home gym. Here’s a quick recap of the key advantages of using bumper plates:

  1. Provide stability for heavy lifts.
  2. Durable, long-lasting construction.
  3. Make dropping weights much safer.
  4. Bounce less than iron plates when dropped.
  5. Colour-coded by weight for easy identification.
  6. Ideal for Olympic lifts that require quickly lifting and dropping weights.
  7. More joint-friendly than iron plates for repetitive, high-impact movements.
  8. Protect your floors, equipment, and weights from damage during high-impact lifts.

Get a good set of bumper plates for your home gym. This way you can do more intense workouts safely. These plates make it easier to do advanced exercises that might be risky with regular iron plates.

When you use bumper plates the right way. They keep you and your equipment safe. They also help you push your limits and get better results.

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Final Words

When setting up your home gym, think about the exercises you’ll do. If you’re into Olympic lifts and intense workouts, bumper plates are a must.

Quality matters more than quantity. So, focus on getting good bumper plates rather than a whole set. You only need a couple of sizes. Like 2.5 kg bumper plates, 5kg bumper plates, and 20kg bumper plates for your workouts.

If you’re just doing basic strength training. There’s no need to spend a lot on a full set of colourful plates. Research what fits your goals, invest wisely, and your plates will last a lifetime.

Choose the right bumper plates for your workout style to boost performance and stay safe. These plates not only protect your floors and equipment. But also help prevent injuries during your home gym sessions.

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