What Equipment's You Need For Boxing? Trojan Fitness

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What Equipment’s You Need For Boxing? Trojan Fitness


Hello from Trojan Fitness, your ultimate resource for all boxing equipment. We have every gym equipment for your fitness journey, either you wanna purchase for gym else you are interested in making home gym. Today we are gonna explore the world of boxing, another cardio workout and strength training booster for your fitness journey. Don’t forget diet is the key with physical activity.

Boxing is a physical activity that requires skill, mental toughness, and the appropriate boxing equipment. Having the appropriate boxing equipment is essential for your overall body strength either boxing is your career else you want to train yourself for stamina building or weight loss. We’ll go over the fundamental gear that every boxer needs in this in-depth guide, along with the various kinds and choices that may be tailored to your own requirements and tastes. Trojan Fitness is your reliable resource for locating the ideal boxing equipment to advance your boxing abilities.

What Equipment Do You Need for Boxing?

If you’re just beginning your boxing journey, you don’t need an overwhelming amount of equipment. To get started, you’ll need a space for training, boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a punching bag. Learning the basics in the air is a good way to start, but engaging with physical targets is essential to develop your skills and relieve stress.

Before diving into punching bags and hand protection, you must assess your training space. Having an adequate area for your boxing workouts is essential to move around comfortably and safely. Training Surface, Use non-slip mats to create a safe and stable surface for your workouts. Carpets and wooden floors are not ideal for boxing training, so investing in suitable training mats is a good idea. Explore equipment for boxing below:

Boxing Gloves:

Boxing Gloves, No boxer is complete without a pair of boxing gloves. Selecting the right boxing gloves for your training and fighting needs is vital.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of boxing gloves:

Training Gloves (All-Purpose Gloves): These boxing gloves are versatile and offer enough protection (padding) for both sparring and punching bag work. They are a great choice for beginners.

Bag Gloves: Specially designed for bag work, these gloves have less padding in the knuckle area compared to all-purpose gloves. They help you get used to the impact and feel of your punches.

Sparring Gloves: Sparring gloves have extra padding to protect both you and your sparring partner. They are slightly heavier than regular boxing gloves due to the additional padding.

Boxing Shoes

The right boxing shoes are pretty important for your performance in the ring. Here are some factors to consider when selecting boxing shoes:

Grip: Boxing shoes should provide enough grip to prevent slipping and sliding in the ring, but they should also be flexible enough to allow for pivoting and free movement.

Sole: Thicker soles are more durable, while thinner soles provide better flexibility and allow you to feel every foot movement.

Mid-Tops vs. High-Tops: Mid-tops offer more flexibility but are less supportive around the ankle, while high-tops provide greater ankle support but may be less flexible.

Hand Wraps:

Hand wraps are crucial for protecting the small bones in your hands, providing extra support, and preventing sweat buildup in your boxing gloves. There are several types of hand wraps available, including:

Tape and Gauze: Lightweight and comfortable, these wraps offer excellent protection but are not reusable.

Traditional Hand Wraps: These are cost-effective, easy to wrap, and can be reused. However, they may become loose and are available in set sizes.

Elasticated ‘Mexican’ Style: These wraps stretch to conform to your hand shape, providing a comfortable and breathable fit. They are thicker than most hand wraps and may not fit under all boxing gloves.


Headgear is essential for protecting your head from cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Well-padded headgear can reduce the impact of punches but won’t completely prevent concussions. Headgear comes in various styles, offering different levels of protection, from minimal coverage to full head protection (excluding the eyes).

Mouth guard:

A mouth guard is crucial for protecting your teeth and preventing them from getting knocked loose during a punch. Custom-made mouth guards from a dentist provide the best fit, but boil-and-bite mouth guards are also available for a more affordable option.

Punching Bag (Heavy Bags):

Punching bags are essential equipment for boxing for both beginners and experienced boxers. They come in various materials like vinyl, leather, or canvas and are filled with sand or soft soil.

Hanging Bag: Hanging bags are ideal for footwork and punching techniques but require more space and high maintenance. There are two types: regular short boxing bags and ‘banana’ bags. Banana bags are longer and thinner, suitable for low kickboxing kicks, while regular short bags are thicker and suitable for mid to high kicking practice.

Free-Standing Bag: Free-standing bags are more convenient and budget-friendly but may offer a less dynamic workout and may be less durable. They can move around during intense training sessions and may have a shorter lifespan. Despite their convenience, free-standing bags may provide a less dynamic workout compared to hanging bags.

Skipping Rope:

A skipping rope is an affordable and valuable training tool for boxers. It helps improve foot movement, endurance, coordination, and overall fitness. Incorporating skipping into your workouts can enhance your boxing skills and cardiovascular fitness.

Having all these equipment for boxing at your disposal ensures that you perform at your best, both inside and outside the ring. Now, let’s take a closer look at what you need to start boxing, whether you’re training at home gym or in a boxing gym.

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a high-intensity interval training that has numerous benefits:

Benefits Description
Heart Health It reduces heart disease risk and enhances aerobic fitness.
Weight Loss It is an effective weight loss activity, burning calories and reducing body fat.
Whole-Body Strength Boxing involves the entire body, including lower limbs and core muscles, contributing to overall strength development.
Balance It improves balance through coordinated footwork and muscular strength, and has been used to treat conditions like Parkinson’s disease.
Stress Boxing also provides stress relief, enhancing mood and mental well-being.
Blood Pressure It can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by lowering both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.


Boxing is a challenging and rewarding sport that requires the right equipment and dedication. Equipping yourself with best boxing gloves, hand wraps, and a punching bag is the first step towards becoming proficient. Boxing offers numerous physical and mental benefits, including cardiovascular health, weight management, strength development, balance improvement, stress reduction, and blood pressure control.

To choose the right size for boxing gloves, consider your weight, height, and dominant hand circumference. Beginners typically start with larger gloves for added protection and gradually transition to smaller sizes as they gain confidence and skill. The boxing gloves should be snug, with fingers touching the top for comfortable fists. Trojan Fitness is offering best equipment for boxing, check our website and get your desired gym equipment for both home and gym.

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