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Legs are one of the most important part of body that helps individual to sit, stand, walk, run and carries upper body. Majority of your movement and posture belongs to the support of legs. The bones of leg contains basal segment, thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia) which is an intermediate segment, the smaller fibula and distal segment, which is foot. Legs are the two lower limbs of the body and work for support and movement. The lower leg is comprised of two bones, tibia and fibula. The thigh bones is femur which is the larger one connecting with knee joint and pelvic bone.

Regions of Leg

  • Upper leg (thigh)
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Lower leg
  • Foot

Muscles of Leg

  1. Upper Bone Muscles:

  • HAMSTRINGS are three muscles located on back of the thigh that allows knee to bend.
  • QUADRICEPS are four muscles located at the front of the thigh which allow knee to straighten from bent position.
  • ADDUCTORS are five muscles located inside the thigh which allow thighs to come together
  1. Lower bone Muscles:

  • GASTROCNEMIUS pulls up the heel while extending the feet during the walk.
  • SOLEUS takes over to flex the joint during the foot movement downwards.
  • PLANTARIS is the back muscle of the leg works for the support.
  • TIBIALIS INTERIOR actions for the movement of soles to face inward.
  • TIBIALIS POSTERIOR acts to provide support to the arch of foot.
  • PERONEUS/FIBULARIS are three muscles group helps in angling towards the body on the line of toe and ankle.


Gym Equipments

  • Leg Extension/Hamstring Curl Attachment
  • Preacher Curl Attachment
  • Flat Bench Foldable
  • AB Crunch Sit Up Bench
  • Flat Bench With Dumbbell Rack
  • Sissy Squat Machine
  • Body Worx
  • Roman Chair
  • Seated Calf Raise
  • Leg Press Extension

At certain point of time, when you get bored from walking, running and normal stamina exercises, you need to boost up your exercise routine whether in gym or in home by providing yourself with the best of best from the best “Trojan Fitness’’. Above mentioned equipments are designed specifically for the power, strength and stamina of legs. Legs job majorly belongs to standing, walking, running, jumping, crouching, kneeling and lifting etc.

Let’s have a look to the benefit of leg workout with different equipments:

Benefits of Leg Workout

  • Stamina Boosting
  • Brain Health
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Get Legs Into Shape
  • Strengthen Body Movement
  • Muscles Building
  • Avoid Osteoarthritis, Muscular Injuries, Neurological Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus
  • Sustainable Weight Loss
  • Avoid Back Pain Especially Lower Back Pain
  • Maintain Body Balance And Structure
  • Fast Metabolism
  • Reduce The Risk Of Injuries
  • Balanced Hormonal Health Of Both Male & Female

As we know leg workouts make us busier with our major muscles movement in the body that helps to maintain overall support and movement. Globally, the issue of weight gaining is spreading in a very high speed. Almost every age is getting effected by obesity and health issues that are leading to chronic illness, pre-diabetes, depression, fatigue and many more. World is shifting to digital era, siting and stucking for a longer period of time in one place is becoming routine. To peel off the unwanted kilos/pounds, one can take care of complete body with major aspect of diet. Fat is an enemy spreading all over the body and takes hell of hard work to shed. Love handles, near to the major joints of the body destroys the structure and posture. Mainly, people focus on regular exercises that just belong to stamina, building like walking running and jumping. But a complete guideline with trainers and equipments’ expertise does matter in terms of targeting parts where fat lies more like thighs, back, legs or belly.

Legs contain a special part for strengthening the muscle and weight loss, both targeted and overall. In medically, legs workout helps to maintain the health variously. High-blood pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Chronic conditions like arthritis, joint injuries/pain, Neurological issues, Brain health and most importantly Cardiovascular health are controlled by just leg workouts. Every equipment has its own worth and usage to hit the exact muscle and its probability for better function. Make sure casual exercises like squats, skipping, jumping, jogging and lunges should lead to gym workouts because staying at one thing will gradually stop working and effecting.

Apart from others, Hormones are very essential part to overall health for both male and female. They stabilize the activity of organs. Mostly females face the issues of Hormonal Imbalance caused by diabetes and obesity which further extended to poly-cystic ovarian problem. These issues are the reason on unhealthy reproductive system in females. Moreover, in male dis-functioning of hormones can effect both reproduction and routine work with the combination of depression and obesity. At this place, specifically legs exercise are up to mark for balancing life with hormonal management in natural way.

Deadlifts, bench presses, weightlifting, leg curls, body-weight squats, step-ups, calf raises and crunch sit-ups are the magnifying gym exercising and can be possible at home too by having equipments with right buying platform with right guidance like Trojan Fitness. They assure the availability of quality product with long term warranty.


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