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  • exercise wheel double0 Exercise Wheel Double
    Quickshop The 17 cm double exercise wheel is effective in strengthening your core...
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    Exercise Wheel Double
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  • VIP101YL 800x800
    Quickshop The most versatile training tool ever made. Master basic squats, deadlifts &...
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    Personal Trainer Bag 5kg
    Regular price $107.99
  • 60015 Deluxe Pilates ring cropped 1 body conditioner set1
    Quickshop Trojan Pilates Rings Inc Training Program Only available in Black & Grey...
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    Pilates Yoga Ring
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  • Screenshot 2024 01 17 203233 Screenshot 2024 01 17 202543
    Quickshop Gymnastic Rings are ideal for tremendous gains in upper body and core...
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    Rings Power Gymnastics Wooden Inc Straps
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  • Push Sled LCF241 2015 800x800 1 TRPROWLER HARNESS
    Quickshop Harness Strap included . Great for conditioning and endurance .Ultimate leg power...
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    Prowler Sled Push Pull Inc Harness
    $499.99 Sale price Regular price $449.99
  • Aero Step TRSTEP H
    Quickshop Step up to a total body workout at home with our Trojan...
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    Step Aerobic Fitness
    $169.99 Sale price Regular price $149.99
  • asl4143 asl414 m3
    Quickshop Great for working the core muscles, improving balance, and intensifying your cardio...
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    Step Balance Fitball BodyWorx
    Regular price $209.99
  • LBRTKIT lbrtkit rowinghndl 2
    Quickshop Enhance your T-bar rows and maximize your back training with our versatile...
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    $329.99 Sale price Regular price $269.99
  • The Log 529df267bff43 Log02
    Quickshop One of toughest strongman tools available, the Log is a specialised tool...
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    The Log
    Regular price $299.99
  • 4BWMT38 4BWMT40 MiniTramp NoConsole 800x800
    Quickshop Key Features Frame Tube: 25 x 25 x 1.4 mm (steel pipe...
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  • GF SLDR 1600x1600 1 720x GF SLDR 1600x1600 4 800x
    Quickshop Adding unstable Go Slides to your workout challenges your balance and your...
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    GO Slides by GOFIT
    Regular price $59.99
    Quickshop The Balance Cushion is an inflatable cushion used for core strength and...
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    Balance Cushion Smooth & Spiky
    Regular price $28.99