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Trojan Fitness uses , Sendle Fastaway Couriers Please, as default carrier for all freight on items up to 20 Kg, utilising alternative carriers on an “as required” basis. The cost charged for shipping is calculated automatically by the Trojan Fitness online store system. The accuracy of this is dependent on the system holding the weight of items. Should shipping costs be much higher than you might expect, please make an inquiry with us so that we can investigate. On Australia Post EParcel items, an email with the tracking reference will be sent to you, so that you may track your parcel.

If you request your order be split into multiple deliveries (e.g. send available products now and unavailable products later) then additional charges will apply to recover the increased cost of freight. We may at our discretion split larger orders into multiple deliveries, which will incur no further cost to you. Where this occurs, we will not record the order as fulfilled until all items have been forwarded for delivery, with the possibility that parcels may arrive on different days.

We aim to minimize packaging used for freight, while ensuring that your purchase arrives to you in the best possible condition. Should your order reach you in less than satisfactory condition, please contact us, where possible provide us with a photo of the packaging, so that we can take the issue up with the relevant carrier

Where Australia Post is used as our carrier, the Regular Parcel Delivery Policy applies.

Where Sendle post is used as our carrier, you may track you order using the following link and adding your tracking number : https://try.sendle.com/tracking

While we endeavor to ensure goods are in stock at the time of order, where we cannot supply due to unforeseen circumstances we will apply the following policy:

Please choose carefully as we do not refund or exchange if you change your mind or make a wrong selection.  We recommend that you check any proposed orders in person at the Trojan Fitness showroom or online on the checkout page, whichever is applicable to you, before purchasing the Products.  Ensure you are aware of the PRE ORDER ETA DATES, and that these are subject to delays, due to the ongoing International shipping delays. If you cancel your order Trojan Fitness will rescind the contract for sale of the Products by notice to you, and you: Although Trojan Fitness will make every effort to deliver products as soon as they become available , by proceeding your understand & agree that there may be delays, that are totally out of our control. An estimated date of delivery is only an estimate, based on information provided to us by our factories, and shipping companies, and such dates may be subject to changes as & when such dates change accordingly. Trojan Fitness does not represent or warrant that it will be able to ship/supply your order,till such time , such goods land in Australia, from our factories. We will endeavor to keep you posted, as final dates are advised. Thank you

(a)  agree to forfeit the first $500 of any deposit or payments paid in payment for Trojan Fitness’s administrative costs and expenses incurred in handling and cancelling the order, and to receive the balance of any deposit paid by refund to your credit card, debit card or bank account, depending on how you made the initial deposit, if the manufacture of your Products has not commenced; and

(b)  agree to forfeit the deposit paid, the manufacture of your Products has commenced; and

(c)  will have no further claim to the Products, and

(d)  Trojan Fitness may solely at its discretion agree to sell the Products to you at a later date for the full purchase price without any discount for the deposit forfeited.

(e) Shipping Fees will not be refunded. In the case of items shipped with FREE Shipping, whatever cost incurred & covered by Trojan Fitness, such fee’s will be deducted to the final amount returned. Return shipping costs will be born/covered by the customer purchaser

(f) Please note that paid deposits & payments on Pre Orders are subject to all of the above terms & conditions. Balance payments must be made without fail by the ETA date & before goods are shipped. Failure to comply with this condition, you will relinquish your product to the next waiting customer, and you will need to wait for your item/s to become available again. Shipments will continue to be subject to changes, as dates from our shippers, become known & may be subject to last minute delays, due to shipping congestion at in transit Ports from our factories to Perth Fremantle Port.

Trojan Fitness, accepts no cancellations of orders, Part Orders , returns, refunds or exchanges on stock ordered as a  Pre Order stock item. Change of Mind: The buyer acknowledges that they are entering into this agreement with the intention of purchasing the goods, and that they will not be entitled to a refund of any payments made due to a change of mind. Thank you