Build Your Budget Friendly Gym At Home With Trojan Fitness

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Build Your Budget Friendly Gym At Home With Trojan Fitness

Budget Friendly Home Gym

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of home gym has gained great popularity.

More and more individuals are realizing the convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of having a dedicated workout space. Right in the comfort of their homes.

While there are many home gym essentials to consider. You don’t need a dozen items to set up a home gym. A home gym setup can be achieved with only 3 basic gym equipment.

Let’s explore a low-cost range of home gym equipment Australia. Perfect for creating your ideal workout space at home.

3 Must-Have Home Gym Essentials

1st Equipment: Treadmill For Cardio

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In our busy lives, finding time for exercise can be challenging. Buying a home treadmill is better than joining a gym. No worries about schedules or sharing equipment. It’s your treadmill, and you set the rules.

Why is treadmill a favourite home gym machine?

This home gym equipment offers a straightforward aerobic aka cardio workout. It’s perfect for starting. Walking suits everyone. As you get fitter, the treadmill upgrades your workouts. From a stroll to jogging or intense interval training.

If the goal is getting in shape or losing weight. A treadmill is your home gym set for fitness.

A study at the Milwaukee VA Hospital found that treadmill users burned 25% more calories than stationary bike users. Even if they felt equally worked out.

It’s your treadmill, your time, your goals. No more excuses. It’s not just exercise equipment. It’s your fitness partner.

11 Perks of Using a Treadmill at Home

  1. Low-Cost: Owning a treadmill is cheaper than paying gym fees.
  2. Easy to Use: Treadmills are the best home gym exercise equipment.
  3. Family Fitness: A home treadmill allows the whole family to exercise together.
  4. Anytime Use: Treadmills give freedom in exercise timing & weather conditions.
  5. Safe Surface: The treadmill surface is predictable. This reduces the risk of tripping.
  6. Multi-User Friendly: Several users can use the treadmill without adjusting settings.
  7. Custom Workouts: Custom programs can be designed to fit individual exercise time.
  8. User Control: Users can control speed, incline, warm-up, cool-down, and energy expenditure.
  9. Quick Calorie Burn: Treadmill running burns calories faster than many other home exercises.
  10. Special Features: Treadmills have step counters and heart rate monitors for tracking progress.
  11. Exercise + Entertainment: Users can watch TV or read while on the treadmill to make exercise more fun.

Home Gym Workout Using Treadmill

Activity Speed (km/h) Time (minutes) Calories Burned
Walking 5 30 200
Jogging 10 30 500
Running 14 30 700

Bodyworx Challenger 150 Treadmill

Grab Your Treadmill

Cost: $1,299.99

Bodyworx Challenger 150 Treadmill

Introducing the Bodyworx Challenger 150 Treadmill. A fitness powerhouse priced at $1,299. Do your best workout with this feature-packed treadmill.

Specifications Details
Motor 1.5 HP
Speed 0.8-16 K/PH
Console Display 5” LCD Screen
Programs 12x Pre-set + 3 User + Body Fat
Running Area 42cm x 130cm (16.5” x 51”)
Incline 12 Levels
Heart Rate Contact
Hand Rail Buttons Speed + Incline
Instant / Quick Keys Speed + Incline
Dimensions 166cm (L) x 71cm (W) x 129cm (H)
Maximum User Weight 110KG (242LBS)

Bonus Features

Inbuilt Speakers USB Port for Charging
Bluetooth Music Transport Wheels

2nd Equipment: Free Weights for Strength Training

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If you don’t have access to a gym near home. This doesn’t mean you cannot do strength training at home.

If you aim to sculpt and strengthen, free weights are your go-to. Plus, they won’t break the bank. No need for pricey gym memberships.

Are you curious as to why free weights are a top pick for home workouts?

They provide a versatile strength training routine. Ideal for beginners. They cater to everyone. As you build strength. Free weights adapt to your progress. From lighter reps to more intense sessions.

11 Perks of Using Free Weights at Home

  1. Fits Anywhere: They don’t need much space, good for small homes.
  2. All-Time Access: No need to go to the gym. you can use them at home.
  3. Saves Money: Buying them is a one-time cost, no need for an expensive gym.
  4. Targeted Muscle Engagement: This helps you focus on certain muscles in your body.
  5. Targeted Muscle Engagement: This helps you focus on certain muscles in your body.
  6. Versatile: Free weights allow for a wide range of exercises, targeting various muscle groups.
  7. Strength Building: Ideal for building strength and muscle tone in different areas of the body.
  8. Flexible: You can use them in different exercises to create workouts for home fitness routine.
  9. Customizable Workouts: Easily adjust the intensity of exercises by varying the weight load.
  10. Comfort: Gripped handles are easy to hold, and you can adjust weights to your comfort level.
  11. Easy to Change Exercise Intensity: You can make exercises easier or harder by using more or less weight.

Home Gym Workout Using Free Weights

Exercise Repetitions Sets Notes
Dumbbell Squats 12-15 3 Focus on proper squat form.
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12-15 3 Control weights overhead.
Dumbbell Lunges 10 each leg 3 Step forward, and maintain balance.
Dumbbell Bicep Curls 15-20 3 Curl weights with controlled motion.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (6 Kg)

Grab Yours & Get Strong

Cost: $60.00

Rubber Hex Dumbbells Pair (6 Kg)

Power up your workouts with a pair of Rubber Hex Dumbbells. These solid and multi-use dumbbells are essential for a variety of strength exercises. Priced at just $60.00 for the 6kg pair.

Feature & Specs

Anti Roll Embossed numbers
Hexagonal and rubber-encased Handles finished in polished chrome
Ergonomically shaped handle quality knurling

3rd Equipment: Solid Bench to Maximise Your Workouts

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Forget about crowded gyms and sharing equipment.

Your workout bench at home is your property only. Having a flat bench at home gym equipment outranks busy and packed gyms. Where you have to wait for your turn.

Why buy a workout bench for a home gym?

It opens up a world of diverse exercises, giving you more from your workouts. Perfect for beginners and pro fitness enthusiasts alike. The workout bench evolves with your routine. From basic exercises to advanced strength training. You also don’t need any special home gym flooring to set up a workout bench.

11 Perks of Using a Workout Bench at Home

  1. Comfy: The padded bench makes your workouts more comfortable.
  2. Multipurpose: A workout bench helps with lots of different exercises.
  3. Builds Strength: Good for making muscles stronger and toning your body.
  4. Convenient: No need to go to the gym, your bench is ready for you at home.
  5. Fits Anywhere: It’s small but powerful, perfect for homes with limited space.
  6. Adjustable: You can change how hard your exercises are by moving the bench.
  7. Give Muscles Isolation: Helps you focus on specific muscles for your fitness goals.
  8. For Everyone: Great for beginners and those who exercise a lot, adapt to all levels.
  9. Flexible: Use it in lots of different workouts to make your home gym more versatile.
  10. Saves Money: Buying a bench is a one-time cost, no need for an expensive gym membership.

Home Gym Workout Using Bench

Exercise Reps Sets Notes
Bench Press 12-15 3 Use a weight that challenges you.
Incline Dumbbell Press 10-12 3 Adjust the bench to a slight incline.
Seated Shoulder Press 12-15 3 Maintain proper form for shoulder safety.
Triceps Dips 15-20 3 Use a stable surface for dips.

Flat Bench Foldable Bodyworx C412FB

Buy Low-Cost Flat Bench Here

Cost: $199.99

Flat Bench Foldable Bodyworx C412FB

Level up your home gym with the space-saving Foldable Flat Bench by Bodyworx. Whether you’re lifting, toning, or doing core exercises. This bench is your fitness companion.

Specification Details
Dimensions 128cm (L) x 42cm (W) x 50cm (H)
Weight Maximum Capacity 180 KG (396 LBS)

*including User Weight

Bonus Features

Heavy-duty steel tube construction High-quality metallic powder coating
High-density durable upholstery Foldable for storage & transport
No assembly required

Anyone Can Have a Home Gym

In conclusion, you can easily set up a home gym with 3 must-have gym equipment for home. Simply invest in quality fitness equipment like the treadmill, Rubber Hex Dumbbells and the Flat Bench can transform your home workouts.

These home gym ideas and easy-to-use tools bring convenience and effectiveness to your fitness journey. Providing endless possibilities for strength training and toning.

Don’t miss the chance to make your personal home gym and achieve your fitness goals.

Want Best Home Gym Equipment?

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