The Best Hex Bars for Boosting Up Your Strength Training

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The Best Hex Bars for Boosting Up Your Strength Training

There are alternatives to the barbell that provide effective strength conditioning without the requirement for expertise. An excellent tool for adding deadlifts and other lower-body movements to your strength workout programme is the hex bar, often known as a trap bar.

It’s one of the most adaptable, efficient, and simple-to-use bars you can possess. The movement patterns for squatting, hinges, lunging, pushes, pulls, and carrying may all be performed with the appropriate trap bar. Compared to using a regular barbell, you can perform all of those tasks more safely and with less difficulty.

There are three different types of trap bars: conventional, EZ load, and open trap bars. All three are not necessary but knowing the distinctions can help you choose the best trap bar for your home gym.

There is nothing worse than spending money on exercise equipment that you hate using, so if you want to add a hex bar to your home gym setting, you must pick a piece of equipment you’ll be satisfied with right away.

Benefits of Trap Hex Bar

The major advantages of a trap bar are:

  • Extremely versatile mobility.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Squats and deadlifts are coupled into a single movement.
  • It relieves pressure on the triceps.
  • Unlike a barbell, it offers a different stimulus muscular activation.
  • It is lower back and joint-friendly.
  • Heavier weights can be easily lifted.

Features To Look For

Personal preference may play a significant role in determining what to look for in a trap bar. Nevertheless, some characteristics set some bars apart from others.

Weight Capacity

In terms of weight capacity, there isn’t always a cut-off point at which one trap bar is preferable to another. A sturdier hex bar is necessary if you wish to execute heavier strength exercises. Therefore, hollow hex bars are more liable to bending than solid bars.

Bars with much lower weight capabilities won’t be rated as highly as those with larger capacities because doing so reduces the bar’s usefulness.

Build & Form

The majority of high-quality trap bar selections are going to be composed of steel, much like a barbell. Therefore, the steel’s composition, which to some extent determines the solidity and bar weight, will be the variable that affects bars.

The material is not the sole consideration when examining durability. You should also be examining the trap bar’s supporting elements. For instance, a trap bar joined by welding is often sturdier than one joined by bolts and nuts.

A well-built trap bar will have sleeves that are large enough to accommodate all the weight plates you intend to place on it, be capable of supporting the load you intend to carry and be capable of holding the load you intend to lift.


A trap bar’s knurling is important since it might provide you with a stronger grasp on the bar. Different bars will have different knurling, but the majority give a “moderate” feel that majority of users will find comfy and gripping. The most popular finishes for trap bars are chrome/zinc or powder coating.

Generally speaking, powder-coated bars are softer than those that are made of bare steel or have a plated surface.

It is advised to go for more intense knurling with huge cuts and effective patterns if you want to deadlift or perform heavier pulls with a trap bar compared to a straight bar. This will help you to better hold the bar with your hands.

A moderate knurl should, however, be more than sufficient if you only want to utilise a trap bar to beef up your workout.


If you want to use your bar in a power rack, there is another design element to take into account. In this situation, you should strive for longer rackable bars because they may offer additional utility and workout opportunities.

Sleeve Length

The strongest lifters who wish to load the hex bar for heavy lifts should pay the greatest attention to sleeve length. You should be able to load up at least 10 inches of sleeve length. Just bear in mind that if you utilise bumper plates, the sleeve length becomes much more crucial.


You must be mindful of a trap bar’s finish as well, something most individuals would not consider. The most durable finishing options for trap bars are often stainless steel or Cerakote.

The finish on the sleeves is the most crucial component since they are frequently subjected to greater wear than the rest of the bar. Try to look for bars with any type of platings, such as titanium, chrome, or zinc. As you use the bar, you will notice additional scuffs and paint chips if the sleeves are powder coated.

Best Trap Bars For Home Gyms For All Budgets

There are many different trap bars on the market right now with just about every function you can think of, but more features mean a greater price. On the opposite end of the spectrum are more affordable trap bars that are certainly worth considering; in many circumstances, it is advisable to use one of the affordable options.

Trap Hex Bar Shrug Bar Farmer Walk 30 Kg

The Trojan Fitness Hex Trap Bar Shrug Bar is our top pick for the finest budget-friendly trap bar if you’re on a limited budget or simply not feeling comfortable spending a ton of cash on one.

It combines excellent usability, lovely design, and functionality into one reliable lifting gear. This is your best option if you’re on a tight budget but yet want a trap bar that can rival those that cost a great deal more.

Trap Hex Bar Shrug Bar 20 Kg + 2 X 20 kg Bumper Plates + Spring Collars

For most individuals, it is the finest trap bar. The hex bar has all the essential qualities as well as being rackable. Even though some people don’t believe it matters whether a trap bar can be racked, home gym users understand the value of having equipment that can be used in a variety of ways.

Check out the simple hex bar that Trojan Fitness sells if you believe that this form of bar is ideal for you. Trojan fitness hex bar is the ideal option if you prefer a rackable type, which is strongly advised if you have a rack.

Bottom Line

For individuals who wish to mix up their workouts, the trap bar is a fantastic piece of equipment. Since the centre of gravity and weight distribution is more comfortable and the neutral grip is simpler to achieve, many find it easier to perform repetitions with a hex bar.

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