Smith Machine Functional Trainer 2 X 90 Kg Weight Stack Leg Press Seattle L1 Treadmill 2.5 HP Plyo Box D/Bells Olympic Plates Boxing Stand Timer

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The FITFAM Package Deal is all you need for your Home Gym PT Studio Physio Practice, you have your Strength Cardio Boxing Weights needs, NO MORE Gym, your whole family can now train together and spend time together, for roughly $19.50 a day !

  • Smith Machine
  • Power Rack – Squats – Chin Ups +
  • Functional Trainer Cable Cross Over
  • Leg Press plate, plus more, makes the functional Trainer a foundational machine for your home gym or PT studio.

The best alternative to the conventional home gym, Functional trainers & cable cross over offer unlimited versatility to any workout. They work effectively on your core stabilizer muscles, that is, the structural muscles of your back and torso , in other words, any muscle located between your hip and pelvis and the base of your ribcage. Improving your stabilizer group allows your body to not only better balance and steady itself, but it increases athletics performance as well as helps to prevent injury. In strength training, a stronger core allows you to progressively lift heavier weights when targeting the movement muscles in the legs and arms.

  • Functional Trainer Power Rack Cable Cross Over & Leg Press
  • 2 x 90 Kg Steel Cast Iron weight stacks ( Laser Cut )
  • LEG PRESS Attachment ( NEW ) easy easily attaches to the Smith Bar secured with 2 removable safety pins
  • 8 X Heavy Duty Hard Rubber Wheels fitted with 6202Z Bearings, guaranteed to provide a smooth feel & operation
  • Smith Machine with linear bearings for smooth operation
  • Power Rack
  • Dip Handles Multi Position
  • J Hooks x 2 + Long Spotters
  • Total Core Trainer + Handle
  • Cable Cross Over Heavy duty padded handles
  • Multi Grip Chin-Up Bar
  • Double foam roller attachment that mounts onto spotters for lat pull down exercises
  • Lat Barbell
  • EZ Lat Barbell
  • 6 Weight Plate pins located at the side rear suitable for Olympic or Standard plates
  • Olympic & Standard Barbell StorageŒæ
  • Fully accessorised
  • Includes Seated ” V ” Bar Row – Tricep Rope & Ankle Strap


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Weight890 kg
Dimensions216 x 115 x 100 cm


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