Slyder Rower Dynamic

Slyder Rower Dynamic

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Arriving soon in Perth, attention rowing fraternity and Rowing Clubs, this is the one piece of exercise equipment you or your club must have. All the way from USA made by Water Rower and backed up by one of the leading warranty and service back ups in Australia.

Static VS Dynamic

Why is the SliderDynamic different? Popular stationary ergs replicate the catch to finish motion of the rowing stroke but not the movement. The rower’s body is moving back forth and the machine stays stationary.This results in more work performed and quicker muscle fatigue. The SliderDynamic’s top rail like a rowing shell, moves back and forth while the rower stays in the same spot.Check out the video !

The Slider Dynamic Rower is a durable, air resistant, American Made rowing ergometer. Its dynamic stroke cycle improves drive coordination and promotes efficient power application while encouraging proper technique. The sliding frame provides a smooth, frictionless glide that replicates the stroke dynamics of a rowing boat. Training on the Slider Dynamic allows for an easy transition from indoor training to on-water rowing.

Find Your Champion Race Stroke
The SliderDynamic Rower is the best rowing-specific erg on the market. It allows for the rower’s legs to initiate quick leg drive, encourages proper technique and simulates boat movement. Rowers can now focus on their power, stroke, and rhythm while indoors. The transition from indoor to on-water rowing has never been easier.



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