Sissy Squat Machine Adjustable HD Squat Quad Ham String Developer

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The Trojan Sissy squat machine is ideal to work your quadriceps and glutes. Quite simple but highly effective. You’ll be able to simply use your body weight or add weight plates for more advanced coaching. This sissy squat is built solid with thick adjustable padding. Take your workouts to the next level with this or new sissy squat.

  • Large non-skid foot plate.
  • Heavily padded adjustable calf pad.
  • Foam PVC covered rollers for locking in feet.
  • Durable powder coat finish.
  • Assembled dimensions & weight : L 1150 X W 510 X H 450 mm = 23 Kg

The sissy squat is great as it totally focuses on the quads and eliminates all other muscles from the movement. Along with developing your quads, this exercise will help develop your balance and even your core strength. Beginners should use only their body weight during the routine, but more advanced athletes would benefit by adding weight.

Because of their difficulty, sissy squats are most commonly performed while using just your own body weight. However, you can hold a weighted plate against your chest to increase resistance. Set your feet to shoulder-width apart with your toes pointed forward. It’s a good idea to stand next to a vertical beam or other stable object that you can grip if needed. Keeping your hips and waist straight, bend your knees and push them forward so that your torso lowers backward. Your heels will rise up off the floor. Continue until your knees are fully bent or close to touching the floor and then extend your knees to return to a full standing position to complete the rep.

The major muscle that sissy squats target are the quadriceps, which are a collection of four muscles that run down the front of your upper thighs and are responsible for flexing your knees. Your gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in your butt, is recruited, but it simply acts as a stabilizer along with your abdominal and obliques to help prevent your back from collapsing as you lower into the squat.

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Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 115 × 51 × 45 cm

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