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Trojan Fitness Pty Ltd offers a product assembly service for anyone who wishes to have their product put together by a trained installer/technician. All technicians are qualified sub contractors. Assembly costs differ depending on your geographical location, as well as your location accessibility, I.e Ground floor, upstairs etc, and the item itself. All items have detailed instructions included in the package for those who choose to put together the item themselves. Self assembly is done at your own risk, please refer to the assembly manual instructions for safety tips and a step by step guide.

Calls to rectify installations undertaken by yourself, will attract a call out fee with a minimum charge of $85.00 + onsite time & any replacement parts will be charged accordingly.

Further please note that, our technicians are not responsible for any damages to flooring/carpets, etc, whilst they ensure that all care & attention is given, accidents do happen. Please ensure if you have children, they stay clear of the work area, for their own safety.

For any information on the assembly service or to get a quote please contact us.

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