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Best Smith Machines in The Australian Market | Trojan Fitness

The finest home Smith machines ought to be long-lasting, easy to use training equipment, and come with a strong guarantee.

I suppose one would say exactly the same thing about basically just about any piece of home training equipment, but that’s particularly important when it comes to a barbell setup with attachments.

The last problem you wish while a workout session is for your Smith machines bar to stick or become trapped. That is, without a doubt, a fantastic way to spoil your session. Not to forget the risks to one’s safety.

This article will walk readers through everything you need to consider in order to select the best Smith machines for the home gym. We’ll go over the fundamentals and also the features you must look for in order to make certain new Smith machines are a success.

Smart Way to Buy Smith Machines

Installing Smith machines into the home gym may take it to the next level. While a dumbbells rack and a bench would suffice, adding Smith machines to the mix will improve your training game significantly.

Weightlifting, bench presses, and deadlifts, among other weight training techniques, are now possible with a piece of single training equipment. You’ll not only be able to increase your workout variety with the Smith machines, but you’ll also be able to do it securely and without worry.

That is, providing the Smith machines users install into the home gym functions properly. It’s true that not all Smith machines are created equal. We realize you’re taken aback.

However, if you maintain a close watch on the essential specifications and characteristics of Smith machines, you’ll be far better able to be content with the investment.

Linear Bearings for Smooth Operating Smith Machine

The foremost crucial feature of all Smith machines is their ability to function fluidly. Users won’t be satisfied if the barbell of Smith machines will not glide smoothly, despite what additional frills and items it has strapped to it.

Linear bearings are just a set of ball bearings that join the barbell to the holding column of Smith machines. The barbell slides effortlessly all over the loadbearing rails thanks to all these ball bearings, providing users precisely smooth-running operation one would hope for from Smith machines.

Please keep in mind that not all Smith machines for domestic use are equipped with linear bearings. They’re normally seen exclusively on the most expensive Smith machines models.

A bushings system is a different type of alternate structure for training equipment. If not greased properly, Smith machines bars that employ a bushing mechanism may not glide as smoothly and may become jammed.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The maximum weight capacity of every piece of training equipment differs (the amount of weight you can safely put on the bar). This is a characteristic one should give close consideration to if users intend on lifting a heavy load.

The weight restriction on most household training equipment is somewhere between 300 and 1000 pounds. You shouldn’t buy Smith machines that have a maximum weight restriction of fewer than 300 pounds. The capability of the Smith machine’s structure is essentially proportional to its durability and structural soundness. Smith machines with a much sturdier framework will be capable of securely carrying heavier weight.

Heavy-duty Smith machines structures, commonly made of 11- or 12-gauge steel, must be used to build Smith machines. The gauge number of Smith machines indicates the thickness of the steel, with a smaller gauge number indicating stronger steel. Commercial Smith machines feature heavier-duty elements than household training equipment versions, but for the most part, a 1000-pound threshold should suffice.


Warranties are important, and they must be regarded when purchasing training equipment. The Smith machines training equipment are no exception. Training equipment will come with a variety of warranties. obviously, the longer the better. The best guarantees will cover everything of the training equipment for the rest of your life.

On the framework, the less-than-perfect warranty maybe a year or two. However, Smith machines warranties are frequently broken down into two categories:

  1. Structure Warranty
  2. Mechanical Components Warranty

According to individual requirements, Smith machines alongside extra components can be used to create a fully complete home gym setup. The following are examples of standard accessories of training equipment:

  • Lat Pull-Downs
  • Pecs Deck
  • Preacher Curler
  • Legs Strengthener
  • Easily Adjustable Bench
  • Stacks Of Weights
  • Bar For Pull-Ups

Usually, companies often sell their Smith machines as part of a variety of packages, each of which includes the main unit as well as additional accessories. The greater the price, the greater accessories you receive with the training equipment.

You may choose a simpler Smith machines unit without any accessories if you don’t want all the features and the additional expense that comes with them. You’ll almost certainly save cash by doing so, as there are numerous excellent selections of training equipment on the list.

Olympic & Standard Plates

When you’re making comparisons between Smith machines models, don’t forget to think about the sort of weight plates you’ll be utilising. Olympic plates are used on significantly greater quality Smith machines since they are the benchmark for powerlifting. Standard plates are used by most economical Smith machines. The change is in the diameter of the opening in the centre: standard weight plates have a 1-inch diameter slot, whereas Olympic plates have a 2-inch diameter opening.


Cost is unlikely to be the only consideration while acquiring Smith machines, but it really is likely the least significant on the checklist. Due to the essential attributes of Smith machines listed earlier, the total budget in which the selected smith machine would fit will be established. Fortunately, the majority of the finest Smith machines models won’t break the bank.

Top 3 Best Smith Machines of 2023/2024

  1. Trojan TRSM900FT Smith All in 1 Functional Trainer Leg Press
  2. All in One Trainer 90XPRO Smith Functional Trainer 1:1 & 2:1 Cable Ratio + Leg Press Seated Leg Ext FID Bench
  3. Functional Trainer Smith Machine Power Rack Inc Leg Press Attachment

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