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Lube n Walk Kit

Treadmill lubrication kit, needed to keep your treadmill running smoothly. Includes a 22" applicator wand, instruction guide and a 6 month supply o...

RRP: $35.00
Treadmill & Elliptical Mat

The treadmill or equipment mat not only protects your floor or carpet from scuffs but also minimizes debris and lint coming into contact with your...

RRP: $50.00
Treadmill Chicago BodyWorx
Motor: 1.25 hp (Continuous Duty) Speed Range: 0.8 ~ 12 kph Incline: 12 Section Console: 1x Large LCD Blue Backlit Display with Speed, Time, Dista...
RRP: $799.99
NOW $699.99
Treadmill Bodyworx Z200
The brand new Z200 BodyWorx  motorised treadmill is a compact and well designed featured machine with great extras, at an affordable price curren...
RRP: $999.99
NOW $899.99
Treadmill Healthstream HS12.25

The HS12.25 has 15 levels of automatic incline , soft cushioning system , 1.25hp motor , large blue light back lite console 16kph maxuim speed. Ide...

RRP: $1099.99
Treadmill Bodyworx JI 1825

Boost your performance with the latest BodyWorx JI1825 motorised treadmill, featuring a 1.5 HP Motor,and, with a 44 cm x 135 cm tread belt, making ...

RRP: $1199.99
NOW $1099.99
Teadmill Perform 220 York

The all new York Perform 220 Treadmill is the new addition to the 2012 York Cardio range of treadmill,brand new sleek design, user friendly, at an ...

RRP: $1399.99
Treadmill Hawaii BodyWorx
Motor: 2.0 hp (Continuous) Speed Range: 0.8 ~ 18 kph Incline: 12 Section Console: 1x Blue Backlit LCD Display Programs: 12x Preset, 3x User, Bod...
RRP: $1399.99
NOW $1299.99
Treadmill Aurora Healthstream

The newly-released Aurora Treadmill offers up to 18 kph, 12 automatic incline levels .This rock solid structure allows you to run at maxuims s...

RRP: $1399.99
NOW $1199.99
Treadmill J2610CA BodyWorx

The BodyWorx J2610CA brand new, 2011 Model, comes loaded with amazing features, well designed, attractive, compact and easy to use,backed by an exc...

RRP: $1399.99
Treadmill Healthstream Force
The Force Healthstream is a sturdy and solid folding treadmill that offers a superior blend of quality, value, and features for the running enthusiast...
RRP: $1499.99
NOW $1399.99
Treadmill BodyWorx JT300

The brand new BodyWorx JT300 Treadmill range has arrived now with IPad & Android Bluetooth connectivity in conjunction with Pafers app, the fir...

RRP: $1999.99
Treadmill Jaguar Bodyworx

The brand new BodyWorx Jaguar Treadmill range has arrived now with IPad & Android connectivity ia Bluetooth in conjunction with Pafers app, the...

RRP: $2199.99
NOW $1799.99
Treadmill BodyWorx JI2070

The brand new BodyWorx JI2070 Treadmill range has arrived now with IPad connectivity in conjunction with Pafers app, the first app in History tha...

RRP: $2299.99
NOW $2099.99
Treadmill F63 Sole Fitness 2013 Model

The 2013 F63 treadmill has been reviewed as "Simply the best quality treadmill in its price range" by numerous consumer resources and magazines. SO...

Out of Stock
Treadmill Spirit XT385
There are several keys areas that define a well designed treadmill. All Spirit Fitness models offer comfortable belts and cushioning systems, convenie...
RRP: $2699.99
Sole Treadmill F85 2013

Also rated as a "Best Buy", the 2013 F85 treadmill is reviewed by the Treadmill Dr. as "The Best Folding Treadmill". The top model in the folding s...

RRP: $3699.99
NOW $2799.99
Spirit Treadmill

The Spirit XT675 is perfect for a light commercial facility. With a 55cm wide running deck, you can have all the features of a full commercial trea...

RRP: $3799.00
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